My Favorite Oscars Moments

Let’s talk about last night, shall we?

I don’t know about you, but I was totally blown away by Lupita Nyong’o. I have to admit that I haven’t yet seen 12 Years a Slave and I didn’t know much about the actress other than her current reputation for killing it on the red carpet during this awards season. And last night was no exception. She was my “Best Dressed” pick by far. That pale blue Prada gown popped beautifully against her skin tone, and the Fred Leighton headband added a whimsical touch for the girl whose first acting job out of school landed her an Oscar nomination. I especially loved that she chose the pastel blue because it reminded her of Nairobi, and she wanted to have a little bit of home with her.

Lupita Nyong'o joy, lovely joy

And then she won for Best Supporting Actress and her inspiring acceptance speech only made me love her more. Stunning (and stunned) and full of joy and grace, she nailed it.

“When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”


Cate Blanchett, whose dress and styling I also loved, took home the Oscar for Best Actress for Blue Jasmine (another film I’ve yet to see), and delivered an inspiring speech of her own.

“…And to those of us in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that female films with women at the center are niche experiences. They are not. Audiences want to see them and, in fact, they earn money. The world is round, people.”


And then there was Matthew McConaughey. I was a little surprised to find this morning that some media outlets were calling his speech for Best Actor for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club “bizarre” and felt the need to interpret it. Some even twisted his words and message to claim that he was “thanking himself in his acceptance speech”.

Joy lovely joy Oscars Matthew McConaughey

At the beginning of his speech, McConaughey said that there are three things he needs each day: someone to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase. The someone he looks up to is God (“He’s shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.”). The something he looks forward to is his family (“You are the four people in my life that I want to make the most proud of me.”). The someone he chases is a hero who he sees as himself ten years into the future. He knows he’ll never attain “hero” status, but it gives him something for which to keep striving, someone to keep chasing.

Seems pretty clear to me.

“So, to any of us, whatever those things are, whatever it is we look up to, whatever it is we look forward to, and whoever it is we’re chasing, to that I say, ‘Amen’. To that I say, ‘Alright, alright, alright’. To that I say. ‘Just keep livin’. Thank you.”


Did you watch the show? What moments stood out to you? Who was your “best dressed” pick? Did you find McConaughey’s speech bizarre?



Lovely Links

the week in pictures via nbc news

a school teacher catches snowflakes as she leads her students in the falling snow (from the week in pictures via nbc news)

I’m starting a series called “Lovely Links”. Every Friday I’ll post links to things I’ve discovered throughout the week and want to share. I hesitated doing this because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to bombard you with a bunch of links, but truthfully, I look forward to link lists on other blogs.  So without further ado…

How did I not discover this blog until a few days ago?

I still haven’t found chairs to go with our farm table that my father-in-law made for us two years ago, but I’ve had my eye on these for a while.

I recently discovered Skillshare. Have you heard about it? It’s a place to learn “real world” skills — anything from business courses to audio mixing — from incredible teachers who know their stuff. Something I want to do this year is push myself creatively and try different artistic outlets, and this class looks like fun.

We all have capes.

Loving these Yellow Owl Workshop stamp sets for the kids.

This jacket.

This emotional ad.

This lightweight volume conditioner and these firming eye gels.

Pigeons are kind of beautiful. No, really. Take a look.

I’ve made these “cupcakes” twice this week. My kids are obsessed with them.

This magazine.

This sweater for the boys.

This article on ways to teach your child how to play alone.

Grab your tissues. The movie trailer for The Fault in Our Stars is here!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Happy Friday, friends!

J.Crew, Tabitha Simmons and “shiny ponies” envy

We took the kids down to my in-laws yesterday. They live about an hour and a half away so I took advantage of this time to catch up on magazine/catalog reading. I came across the CFDA/Vogue winner and runners-up in the newest J.Crew catalog and fell in love with Tabitha Simmons’ shoe line for J.Crew.

Ms. Simmons says, “When I design, I always have a certain woman in mind–she’s elegant, a touch whimsical, a touch romantic and also practical.”

Which is exactly how I would describe my sense of style. When I’m not chasing toddlers, or wiping up spilled orange juice on my hands and knees, or wearing shorts artistically styled with paint and marker streaks because I haven’t had time to do my own laundry. Which is to say, the only time I embody Ms. Simmons’ aesthetic is in my dreams. Still. I can dream, and that I will.

Tabitha Simmons CFDA / Vogue J.Crew

Shop the collection here.

In my eyes, J.Crew can do no wrong when it comes to shoes. (Okay, in my eyes, J.Crew can do no wrong PERIOD.) If you’re still not convinced, watch this video of J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons, on her “shiny ponies”.

Also, check out CFDA/Vogue winner the elder statesman and runner-up Jennifer Meyer (yes, that Jennifer Meyer).

Happy Monday!


True North on Etsy

A lovely reader sent me a link to this necklace on Etsy in response to the True North post I wrote last week.

My True North necklace

My True North necklace found here

So then I started to wonder what other True North trinkets I might find on Etsy. Below are my favorite finds. Enjoy!

True North Etsy collage

  1. Compass Rose True North Necklace
  2. You are my True North wall decal
  3. You are my True North guitar pick
  4. Grey True North wall art
  5. True North unframed print
  6. Compass Rose True North indoor outdoor pillow
  7. You’re My True North book art print
  8. You Are My True North necklace
  9. You Are My True North art print card
  10. Compass Rose pendant
  11. True North iPhone case

Hire me. Or not. Whatever. No worries, it’s cool.


After reading Lauren of The Thinking Closet‘s amazing guide on how to revamp your About page, I thought I’d give it a go. However, I somehow ended up adding a Hire Me page instead because, you know, I need the work.

I still plan to revamp my About page following Lauren’s great advice. You should too! Not that there’s anything wrong with your About page, I’m sure it’s lovely and insightful, but I think Lauren sheds some light on how to bring that little bio some personality. Go check it out!