Blog crush: Lindsey Mead of A Design So Vast

I’m working on some behind-the-scenes things today — spiffing up this little Inter-nook of mine (as best as I know how, which really isn’t much) — so instead of posting something I want to direct you to one of my favorite writers, Lindsey Mead.

Lindsey blogs at A Design So Vast but the piece I’m linking to today is at HuffPost Parents. In “A New Season”, Lindsey reflects on what she calls “the happy golden years” and exposes the more complicated mother-daughter relationship as her daughter approaches the “pulling away” years. If you have a daughter, whether newborn or on the cusp of the teen years, as Lindsey’s Grace is, you will relate to Lindsey’s words (and her words are always beautiful).

You might also notice that brand-new Facebook widget over there to the right (scroll down). I finally started a Joy, Lovely Joy FB page and would love (LOVE) for you to join me there…or “follow” or “like” or whatever the correct terminology is.

Thanks, lovelies. Now go read Lindsey’s HuffPost piece and then go poke around on A Design So Vast. You just might fall in love. I did.


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