Two! (x2) A belated birthday post

So I promised to blog more and then summer happened. Oh, summer. I love you but you exhaust me. School ended and overnight we lost our schedules, our routines — anything that served as a marker for our days — and life got hectic very quickly. Which is funny because all we do is play, swim, play, run through sprinklers, play, do errands, play, repeat. And it’s exhausting. Last summer the boys were barely mobile and easy to corral. This summer? Never underestimate the combined energy of two 2 year olds. Double trouble indeed.

twin boys

zen babies. don’t let them fool you. (am I allowed to still call them babies?)

Speaking of 2 year olds…

Here we are, two weeks past their birthdays and I’ve yet to write about it, but I’m happy that it took me this long to get to it because something has happened since TWO happened. It’s as though on their 2nd birthday they made a secret agreement. This agreement consists of wrestling constantly, rolling on the floor at all times, grabbing hands across cribs and highchairs, building block towers and knocking them down simultaneously, screaming one after the other and then collapsing in laughter. One second they’re biting and pushing, the next they’re laughing and high-fiving, trading sippy cups and toys and snacks and books, all the while conversing in a language that’s comprised of very few words. In short, my perspective of two has changed in the last two weeks. My observance of them now is different, more complex, than it was at the time of their birthdays.

I struggle sometimes (a lot) with being present and staying in the moment, but with the two of you — when it’s just us three and you’re not pushing and biting each other for my attention and affection*, well, those times are storybook magical. Dream worthy. In the same way that I love the intimacy of your sister’s sole company, I also love this little pack the three of us make.

*We’re working on realizing that I can love you both immeasurably and simultaneously, whether I’m holding one or the other. And by we I mean you. You, boys, are still working on this. Maybe you always will in some way?

So this is what I know of two so far:

Two is berries squished between fingers to watch the juice drip down your arm. Two is saying “No” when you mean yes, screaming because you don’t yet have the words, and clapping when you dump detergent into a basket of clean laundry. Two is climbing and throwing and stomping and dumping and scooting and pushing and jumping. Two is saying “nigh-nigh” when you’re sleepy and “eat!” when you’re hungry and the newest (and my favorite) “Wuv ooo” during particularly sweet moments. Two is crying when your sister leaves the room and yelling “Sissy!” in unison when she returns.

twin boys big sister

Two is knowing when you’re tired and grabbing your blanket and pointing to the stairs only to scream happily for thirty minutes before you succumb to sleep. Two is constantly asking “Outside?” and predictably pulling off diapers in the middle of the night. Two is discovering bugs and dirt and trucks and planes and crayons and play-doh and the sky and the moon and…ahem…you.

i apologize for quality of photo. it was taken on my iPod.

Two is a gift (both the age and the number of boys). A crazy, messy, stressful, exhausting, JOYOUS gift.

So onward, young warriors, for the path ahead is one of exploration and growth, paved with sticky fingers and wet kisses and fingernails caked with dirt and proclamations of No and Uh-oh and Mine and a hundred other words that sound like “wajkedhafindfujhobeundslokdinf”. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you together and separately.

twin boys

I love being your mommy. xoxoinfinity


6 thoughts on “Two! (x2) A belated birthday post

  1. petunia106 says:

    So true, everyday is a new adventure! My son is 3 and he’s happy one minute, crying about a dropped ice cream cone the next! I try to cherish those little moments though! Enjoy your son’s as 2 year olds!! Great post!

  2. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Gorgeous, dreamy pics of your beautiful children and I’m a bit choked up reading your lovely words.
    Aren’t the ‘wuv oo’s one of the best things about the (supposedly terrible) twos?! Nothing makes me more patient with irrational demands than a spontaneous ‘I ‘uv ‘oo’ from my girl.
    Happy birthday to your sweet boys!

  3. now at home mom says:

    it’s beautiful to see how they are changing every day isn’t it ?
    I understand you, I have only 1 year old boy and at the end of the day I’m exhausted 🙂
    they look adorable in these pictures too 🙂

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