Hello Monday

Wow. When I said posting would be light for a bit I had no idea it would be that light. My goal is to start posting Monday-Friday. Hold me to it?

I recently came across Lisa Leonard and her fabulous Hello Monday series. Check it out and play along!


Hello Monday.

Hello to the last week of school.

Hello to jackets in June. (Hey, summer, you’re up.)

Hello to partners in crime, best buddies and big sisters.

Hello to a project I’ll revisit this week and hopefully more to come.

Hello to Kindergarten graduation and my newly minted first grader. (Goodbye to a teacher who fostered my child’s learning and cultivated a safe haven for growing; a teacher Mia is heartbroken to leave.)

Hello to lazy mornings and uncharted days, sun-kissed skin and starry nights, melting ice cream cones and sticky fingers.

Hello to libraries and museums and the pool. Always the pool.

Hello to anxiety and hearts that need tending to and struggles that bubble within us even as we try to pop them one by one.

Hello to skinned knees and tantrums and cuddles and laughter and dishes and laundry and the list goes on and on.

Hello to running and yoga and a renewed determination to fill our bellies with fresh, wholesome foods. Hello, farmer’s market.

Hello to new words, new adventures, new focus.


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What are you saying hello to this week?



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