Waiting for spring

Like labrador puppies longing for wide open land, they press against the windowpane, sunlight kissing their noses, beckoning them outside.

Luke & Wyatt

Boys, as everyone knows, need a place to run. A whirlwind of combined energy, they are becoming forces difficult to contain, and I too pine for warmer days, to move in the folds of long, lazy days beneath sun and sky.

Luke & Wyatt

We are all restless here, waiting for a spring slow to bloom.

bird watchers


8 thoughts on “Waiting for spring

  1. scribblesinpeacock says:

    Just wait until they are out in the wild under the big blue sky; chase, climb and conquer will be the mantra of the (summer) day (s).
    You will be one busy, busy mama. But oh, what lovely (x2) adventurous joy.

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