Let’s get linky

This picture of Wyatt has nothing to do with this post. He's just so stinking cute here.

This picture of Wyatt has nothing to do with this post. He’s just so stinking cute here. (Pay no attention to the drool dribbling from his chin.)

It was a long weekend. It was a cold weekend. It was a long, cold weekend. (I don’t know why, but I channeled Elephant and Piggie’s voices as I wrote that.) Which is to say, I got sucked into the black hole of the great WWW this weekend. Below you’ll find some links to random bits and pieces I collected along the way. You’re welcome.

Love these solar system lollipops, which can be found here.

8 winter hobbies to nurture at home. Because let’s face it: We’ve still got some time before we can just push the kids outside and wipe our hands clean of them. (I kid, I kid. Kind of.)

The third book in the Bridget Jones series publishes in November (yay!). Here’s what you can expect from Ms. Jones when we reconnect with her over a decade since we last heard from her.

I love reading about other people’s lives and stories, and I especially love hearing about writers’ routines, so this site is pretty awesome.

Can your kid handle the pressure?

I don’t like ham but for some reason a hot ham and cheese sandwich always sounds appealing. Until I try one and remember that I don’t like ham. However, I think I’ll have to give this recipe a try.

The window washers at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh are super heroes. How awesome are they?

Are Spanx good or evil? What do you think? I say good. I have nerve damage on my c-scar and can’t stand material rubbing against it, especially jeans, so I wear some version of high-waisted Spanx almost every day. I quite love them actually.

Deconstructing Barbie looks like more fun than actually playing with Barbie.

Sea salt and nutella fudge? Don’t mind if I do.

ThredUP, an online kids clothing consignment shop that buys and sells practically new clothing.

What about you? If you made any link worthy discoveries over the weekend I’d love to hear about them!




6 thoughts on “Let’s get linky

  1. Kristen @ Motherese says:

    I swoon over that picture. What a cutie! I’m also thrilled to see that there’s another Bridget Jones book coming out. I think I liked the second novel even more than the first (but not the movie, most definitely not the movie). Can’t wait to read the third!

    • Lara says:

      I totally agree with you on the movie! I guess they’re in the process of making the third movie now, but the plot of the book doesn’t necessarily go along with the plot of the movie, which is…interesting.

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