2013 Resolutions

I’m well aware that we’re now ten days into the new year, but if, like me, you’ve had kids home for the break, Monday was truly the beginning of back-to-normal.

What say you about New Year’s Resolutions? Do you do them? Pretend to do them? Commit to something and then abandon the idea two weeks later? Forgo them altogether?

I don’t usually do resolutions, but I do think there’s something a little magical to the first days of January, the year all shiny and new.  The sense that everywhere people are taking stock of what needs to change and trying — even if it lasts for just a week or so — to become someone better, bigger, more organized, more physically fit, more in tune to family or health or building a better self.

So while I don’t do resolutions, per se, I’ve made a list of goals for 2013. My #1 goal is to find a job or find more freelance work from home. And to write more. And to devote more time to this space.

Other goals:

Write letters to my grandmother. My grandparents live in Florida for half the year and last year she wrote a letter to Mia weekly. This year, Mia and I will write to her more. At least once a week. Once every two weeks? But what she really wants is pictures of the kids so on second thought maybe it will be mostly pictures with a little writing.

Which brings me to my next goal: Take more pictures. Also, buy a better camera (once it fits into the budget). So if you have a camera you LOVE please let me know! And are SLRs definitely the way to go now? And what about lenses? See? I’m clueless. I’d love any photography wisdom you’d care to share.

And finally, — *cue the eye rolls* — get physically fit (cliché, I know). I’ve been woefully out of shape since the boys were born. And if you’ve never gestated multiples, you might not know that the muscles of a tummy are, in fact, not rubber bands. For once in my life, I have to work at losing a bit of a paunch around the waistline. My doctors told me that the only way to lose the rest of what I have (saggy wrinkles and all) is to have a tummy tuck, but I plan to prove them wrong.

What about you? I’d love to hear your resolutions or goals for the New Year.



3 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. revolutionarypie says:

    I have two goals: First, to improve my posture, since I’m walking around like a turtle. Second, to stop being so punctual, since I’m driving my daughter and husband crazy. (I know, I know, everyone else is resolving to be on time.)

    About your correspondence with your grandmother: My late grandfather and I used to write each other regularly, starting when I was about eight. I still have a box with many of his letters and a few of mine. It’s one of my greatest treasures. You should definitely keep it up, and have your kids write their grandparents when they’re old enough!

  2. now at home mom says:

    Like your new resolutions 🙂 I don’t really have any this year, only to be a stronger person and we will see 😉 I wish you good luck with them 😉 As per the camera, we have a nice Canon one but I can’t use it and haven’t had much time to read the instructions 😉 (no time and too lazy, I guess) 😉

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