The French approach to childproofing

I’ve heard it said that the French don’t childproof; they just use common sense, which is all very sophisticated and ooh la la until you try to actually implement this idea into your (my) own home.

I would like to ask the French what they do about sharp corners, kitchen pantries and doors that lead to unfinished basements. Because I like my home best without outlet covers and special locks on door handles and baby gates that Mia can’t open, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to a) keep them safe and b) keep from losing my sanity without the aforementioned paraphernalia.

Unless I’m taking the French approach too literally. Am I taking it too literally?



3 thoughts on “The French approach to childproofing

  1. now at home mom says:

    I know! 🙂 you should see my house! we have three ugly gates for the staircases and plenty of plastic around the handles of the kitchen cabinets so my little one doesn’t open it (it’s not pretty but we don’t have a choice! )

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